If you have received spam that looks to be from mailpride.com it is most likely a "spoofed" message which only appears to have come from our service. Our service is 100% web-based and only allows a minimal amount of daily outgoing mail to be sent, which wouldn't be worth a spammers time...
The companies/persons that are using our domain name use unsecured computers throughout the world to send out their advertising materials by the tens of thousands and put a fake return address since they have no intention of hearing back from you. That is where we come in... The internet email service was setup to "trust" whatever another computer has told it. In this case, there is no reason for one machine to not believe another when it says "this email is from mailpride.com" it just replies "OK". Times have changed, and abuse is rampant... On that point we recommend you NEVER send an email to any of the email addresses they list in the messages which they your told will "remove" you... It only lets them know your address is good, and that your reading their junk...

We are an innocent party in these spammers scams

What we are doing about it:

Whenever messages bounce back to our service (since other computers assume they came from us) we redirect every spam message to the spammers ISP, the spammers themselves, and/or the domain name registration company who sold them the domain.

What you can do to help:

Report the messages at Spam Cop (a free, easy to use service) and leave any unchecked boxes as they are.
Use the contact postmaster button on our homepage to alert us to new spam messages that are being sent out and we will continue to add those to our forwarding service and stop the abuse of our service and our name.


Thank You for your help and understanding,

Mail Pride